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Orchid - Phalaenopsis
Item No: 1194XX
Do not over water your orchid or the roots will rot and the plant will die. Test the soil with your finger for dryness or look at the roots to be sure they are still whitish green and plump until you are certain of how often your orchid needs water. Never let an orchid sit in water or use water from a softener. Any good basic food (fertilizer) (10-10-10) that does not contain urea will be fine. Fertilize your orchid twice a month using the food at ½ strength. Water first with plain water and then use water containing the fertilizer so you won’t burn the roots.
Year round
White, purple, yellow, pink, striped and spotted varieties
There is an orchid to suit almost any lighting condition so be sure to read the care label when you purchase your plant. Generally speaking, eastern & southeastern exposures are the best; always avoid putting your orchid in the direct sun. If your area is too dark the leaves of your orchid will be dark green instead of the grassy yellow green they should be and the plant will not bloom. If there is too much light the leaves turn yellow and develop sunspots.
The correct soil is very important for orchids to grow and bloom. Orchids cannot be planted in regular potting soil. They need a soil that drains well but retains water such as a bark-based soil or a peat based soil. There are several commercial soils especially for orchids.
Orchids are prone to aphids, spider mites, and the plant virus botrytis. If you have your plant where it can get a breeze or even set up a small fan near it, diseases and pests can be controlled and blooms will develop faster.
Orchids do well in regular household temperatures of 65-80 degrees during the day and 10 degrees colder at night.
3in Pot Each
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