Product Details
Candelabra - 2 taper, 1 column
Item No: 1812
White metal candelabra holds one column candle in center and two taper candles on each side.
Height is adjustable from 59" to 73" tall. Width at top is 13".

Rental Terms:
Rental Period: All prices are based on a 2 full day period. Equipment is due back on the 3rd day after pick up.
Candles: Candles are not included in the equipment rental price. Candles can be ordered separately and delivered with rentals. See supplies department for purchase price.
Globes: Glass globes are included for some candelabras. Replacement is required if the glass is broken.
Deposits: Deposits are accepted in cash, check or credit card. Deposit is double the rental cost.
Delivery: Delivery is available for a nominal fee. Pick-ups are quoted separately.
Loss or Damaged: Responsibility for the equipment remains with the customer from delivery/pick-up until returned. Replacement charged are made for missing or broken items.
$18.00 each