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Available in green (shown) and variegated

Most ivies die from over watering. Allow your plant to dry out until the vines are almost drooping and the top 1/3 of the soil is dry before watering. Crispy leaves indicate OVER WATER not under water. When in doubt, do not water. You may fertilize bi-monthly with a very diluted indoor plant food.
Bright indirect light is best, but direct sun will burn the leaves. Although an ivy can survive in medium light, the new leaves may get smaller and the spaces between them greater. Prefers bright light locations, but can be maintained for many weeks in lower light. Heat combined with dry soil will cause browning of leaves and make them more susceptible to spider mites. A low growing trailing or climbing plants usually not over 12" in height. Vines can reach 6 feet or more.
Grow in loose, fibrous potting mix.
A possible pest is spider mites.
Cool/Moderate - Prefers 60-70º days and 55-65º nights.
4" Ea
4" Case of 15
6" Ea
6" Case of 6
8" Ea
8" Case of 4
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