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This relatively easy to care for houseplant with its large oblong green and cream colored leaves and sturdy stem can go from a 1ft. table plant to a 7ft. tree in a matter of years. Most people are very successful growing dieffenbachia; their main complaint is that their plant has gotten too big too quickly for their room. The major drawback of a dieffenbachia is that all parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate, a chemical that will irritate the skin and, if ingested, cause the throat to swell painfully and may paralyze the vocal cords. Be sure to keep it out of the reach of small pets and children.

Available in: "Tropic Snow" (shown), "Camille" and "Compacta"

Keep soil fairly dry. Drench soil thoroughly, and allow it to become moderately dry before watering again. Do not allow plant to sit in water. Over watering can cause stem rot.
Dieffenbachia need medium to high light. Direct sun will burn the leaves. Too much light may cause the vibrant leaf color to fade; too little light and the leaves will become smaller and further apart on the stem.
Grow in loose, fibrous potting mix.
Possible pests are mites and mealybugs.
Warm - Prefers 70-75º days and 65-70º nights.

These plants can be hazardous to small children and pets, as dieffenbachia sap causes mouth tissues to swell if its leaves or stems are chewed.
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