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Ficus - "Ginseng Bonsai"
Item No: 2490XX
This bonsai tree needs moderate water and will need more during the warmer summer season and less during the winter season. The bonsai ficus ginseng does not mind being overwatered once in a while nor does it take offense when you forget to water it sometimes. It will thrive more when misted regularly to mimic its rainforest home.Do not allow plant to sit in water.
Although the bonsai ficus ginseng can tolerate low light environments well, it does thrive in well lit environments and natural sunlight.
Grow in loose, fibrous potting mix. Repotting may be yearly or as far as two to three years.
Moderate/Warm - Prefers 65-75º days and 60-70º nights.
4" Pot Each
6" Pot Each
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