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Pachira - "Money Tree"
Item No: 2491XX
The #1 killer for pachira is over watering. Keep soil fairly dry but always damp. Drench soil thoroughly, then allow it to become moderately dry before watering again. Pachira stores water in it's trunk, so it is very important not to over water. Over watering will cause the trunk to rot and loose leaves. If you notice the trunk bark becoming soft and squishy do not water until the plant is dry about half an inch down from the surface. Do not allow plant to sit in water. You may feed bi-monthly with a very diluted liquid fertilizer. Too much fertilizing can cause loss of leaves.
Bright, indirect window light. If outdoors place on shaded patio. While the plant does well in bright to medium light, full sun will burn the plant.
Grow in loose, fibrous potting mix with plenty of peat moss.
A possible pest are mealybugs.
Warm - Prefers 70-75º days and 65-70º nights.
4" EA
4" CS/15
6" EA
6" CS/6
8" EA
8" CS/4
10" EA
10" CS/4
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