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Anthurium Plant
Item No: 804XX
While Anthuriums are able to handle dryness around the root ball, they need to be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry slightly before watering again. Allowing the plant to dry out will greatly slow down the growth cycle. Drying out can also cause the tip to burn and root damage, while over watering can also cause root damage and sudden yellowing of leaves. Fertilizing is not necessary. If you do fertilize do so every 3 months with a very diluted solution.
Year round
Red, orange, pink, white and some variegated red/green.

Anthuriums as a rule (indoors) will take about as much light as you can provide them with-but not direct sunlight. Lower levels of light will slow down or cease flower production. The foliage type species will tolerate lower light levels as they grow in some of the shasiest areas in their natural habitat. Leaves emerging under lower light may stretch and/or become distorted.
Anthuriums prefer a growing media that is coarse and well drained. The potting media should be of a peat moss base with a 1:1:1 ratio of peat moss, pine bark and perlite. Plants when they are youong should be planted in a mix that is not quite so coarse, to retain moisture. The soil should be settled firmly around the roots and the root system should fill the pot before the plant is stepped up to a larger pot size.
Possible pests are mealy bugs and aphids.
Moderate - Prefers 65º-75º days and 60º-65º nights.
**Pot covers available at an additional cost of $.45 (4") $.65 (6") $.90 (8") per pot cover**
4in Ea
4in Case of 16 ($6.85 ea)
6in Ea
6in Case of 6 ($14.90 ea)
8in Ea
8in Case of 2 ($19.50 ea)
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