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6" Hydrangea (With Pot Cover)
Item No: 80806C
Hydrangeas like a lot of water, and it is necessary for producing the big, beautiful blooms that are the main reason for growing hydrangeas.A drip irrigation system is a good choice for making it easy to water well and often. Do not allow plant to sit in water.
Year round
Pinks, purples, blues and white
Hydrangeas love partial shade and will do best in a location that provides filtered light or morning light but afternoon shade. Some light is required to produce flowers, but too much sun can singe the edges of the leaves, so a delicate balance between sun and shade is required.
The color of blooms your hydrangea will produce depends a great deal on the condition of your soil. Even if you buy what's supposed to be a pink hydrangea, if your soil is acidic, you'll get blue blooms. This is a really fun part of hydrangea plant care because you can alter the color through soil amendments. Adding lime or other alkaline materials will make your flowers pink, while acid makes them blue.
6in Pot Each
Case of 6 ($12.55 each)
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