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6" Cymbidium Orchid Plants
Item No: 838XX
Cymbidium orchids require frequent watering. You should thus water it thoroughly; keep the soil evenly moist to touch (not saturated or soggy wet). You certainly do not want to sit with Cymbidium orchids that are inflicted with root rot. Never allow water to collect around the bulbs, and never allow the plants to stand in water.
Year round. please note orchids are not always in stock. Best to order in advance.
Various shades of pink, purple, lavender, white, yellow and green
Cymbidium orchids tolerate most light levels well. This may be in the form of good morning sun or bright, "dappled" afternoon shade. If you have the Cymbidium orchid indoors you need to take care that it is not placed in a location that catches direct light, but rather place it in a location where they will get enough shade so as to protect the leaves from being scorched. Cymbidium orchids are phototropic and good light will ensure that the stems develop strong and firm which will further reward you with many flower heads that the orchid plant will be able to carry. A lanky long stem will not be able to carry the heavy Cymbidium orchid flower heads.
The potting mix for the Cymbidium orchids should contain Osmunda, fir tree bark, or even coconut fiber. These will help to keep the plant stable in the pot and allow a free flow of water and air through the pot.
Humidity will prevent crinkled leaves. Air movement around Cymbidium orchids is also a requirement that should not be overlooked. The bigger the area around the plants, the more air movement (not draught) there will be and the sooner the Cymbidium orchid plant will dry out.
1 spike plants - $192.00 for 6
2 spike plants - $210.00 for 6
3 spike plants (shown) - $216.00 for 6
4 spike plants - $240.00 for 6
1 flower spike
2 flower spikes
3 flower spikes (shown)
4 flower spikes
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