Floral Design Classes

Our experienced designers share their knowledge and expertise with Boulevard customers in our design classes. From basic skills to exotic designs, the staff at Boulevard can help... Some of the class offerings...

Regular Class Series      3-12 Hours, weekends sometimes 2 consecutive Sat/Sun

Introduction to Design-Basic
Garden Style- European Design Rose Arranging
Exotic design
Floral Arranging for Thanksgiving
Fun Shapes

Floral Arranging for Christmas
Floral Arranging for Weddings I
Floral Arranging for Weddings II
Plant Decorating
Ikebana and Feng Shui
Private classes

Mini Classes      One evening for 1 1/2 hours

Bow Making
Basic Design
Presentation Bouquet
Vase Design
Fruit and Flower Gift Basket
Garden Style (European) Centerpiece
Advanced Bout & Corsage \

Topiary Design
European Flower Wrapping
Boutonniere and Corsage
Wreath and Garland Decorating
Hawaiian Lei
Private Class